KIA 62

KIA 62 is an isolated system designed to promote and fabricate all kinds of hinged doors and windows with glass and other type of panels from 6mm. to 36mm. with using of a variety of glazing beads available in system. Using of this system with a frame U- Value of 2.9(w/m2K) and different types of glazing cause a U-Value of 2.01(w/m2K) to 2.9 (w/m2K) for system which is ideal for hot regions, moderate regions and cold regions to reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling devices. In addition, KIA 62 have full compliance with LARA79 sliding system for combination of hinged and sliding doors and windows where ever is required. Accessories channel 14/18 on frame and 15/20 on sash with 22mm. glass rebate allow the system to accept all kind of accessories including side hung, tilt & turn, tilt & slide, folding and pivot accessories. Type of glazing and clearance of the panels are in accordance and compliance with local and international standards

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